IRAIC achieves the optimization of investments in the different sectors of the economy

IRAIC achieves the optimization of investments in the different sectors of the economy

IRAIC is a company that focuses on the development, exponentialization of businesses, projects and economic schemes, favoring sustainability strategies, structural and financial growth in Latin America and the world.

The multinational company, for example, supports production processes and marketing of agricultural products such as oil palm, corn, cocoa, banana, sugar cane, panela, mango, potato and other products to new markets, thus enhancing their development and visibility. As part of the business model, the company uses the acquisition and development of arable land for its expansion in this sector.

The technology sector optimizes strategic alliances with other players in the sector and the marketing of its products and services, further intensifying the projection and execution of new patterns for a functional economy at a local and international level.

IRAIC transforms each sector of the economy such as agriculture, livestock, technology, mining, education, health, financial, banking, commercial, sports among others; in a real economy with great international socioeconomic and financial support.

The company has more than 25 years of work and research, favoring more than 14,700 companies and more than 7,897,000 investors who carry out their processes in the great IRAIC ecosystem, being this the only promoter in business and economic development that is open to change. transformational that is not limited, crossing the barriers and the economy to higher levels to accelerate the rapid structural and financial growth that gives stability to a company or business.

Through its focus on sustainability, IRAIC seeks not only to generate profits, profits and dividends for its investors, but also to contribute to the sustainable development of communities and growth in its path.

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